about us

"Who are you?"

The Help Desk is an IT consulting firm that offers a variety of services for schools and businesses allowing them to use a single solution for all their technology needs. No longer is it neccessary to use different companies to maintain computers, networks, servers, or web sites.

"Okay, how did you start?"

We began in October 2001 as a one-man on-the-side "computer guy". With two small business clients and a handful of home customers, word started to get around. Over the next four years, word of mouth spread and the desire grow began.

At one point it became clear that it was more difficult for businesses to have multiple vendors handling desktop support, network and server administration and security, their web sites and even their publication designs than to simply have one vendor who could do it all. With that idea the "computer guy" became The Help Desk.

By partnering with other individuals in the industry that had the same vision of how IT services should be delivered, the push came to become a one-stop shop for all technology needs.

Today The Help Desk offers services in San Diego County and the San Francisco Bay Area with a staff dedicated to helping schools and businesses operate efficiently at the technology level so they can focus on their job and not their technology.

Contact Us

San Diego County
69 I Street
Chula Vista, CA 91910
Phone: (619) 929-7322

San Francisco Bay Area
100 San Benito Road
Brisbane, CA 94005
Phone: (415) 658-5826

[email protected]

Our Staff

Owner and Systems Analyst Juan Sibila has tens years of experience supporting enterprise servers, networks, and user-facing systems in education and private sectors.

Graphics Team Michael Dries-Coons, Stephanie Muñoz, and Alethea Perez provide graphic arts and digital media support in various specialties including graphics, music, photo, video, and web layouts.